7 Most Dangerous Jobs in the Risky World

As soon as you see the title, you know what you are trying to say. We wanted to talk about some of the most dangerous and dangerous jobs in the world. This is not a one-size-fits-all job. Jobs that have to be done at the risk of life. There are some of these jobs in as well. So let's talk about that today.

1. Telephone transmission / electric tower technicians

This is by far the most dangerous job in the world. The only great feat is climbing poles that are several feet high and have high voltage power lines. In America, 20-30 people who work like this die every year. Just imagine the dangers of this. Even in , there are many dangers for those who climb such ropes. The tallest existing transmission tower is in Tokyo, Japan. It's about 630 meters. That is twice the height of the Lotus Tower in . There are those who climb these towers and risk their lives to work. Also, due to the risk involved in these jobs, a higher salary is paid.

2. Snake Milker

The work that people do to get venom from dangerous snakes is also quite difficult. Their job is to obtain venom from highly venomous snakes on a daily basis and provide it for research or other purposes. This is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. However, there are people who are willing to take risks and are willing to do so. Part of their job is to properly store these toxins, maintain laboratories, and help create world-class toxins. They are at the Reptile Testing Center in Florida, USA. These poisons are used as antidotes to save people from being bitten by snakes. Also, this job is very risky because even snakes that have not yet produced antidotes are being tested with great risk. But it is reported that those who do this job get the venom of about 100 snakes a day.

3. Miners

Their jobs are also quite risky. Because mining is something that is excavated for miles into the ground. This is being mined on a much larger scale in countries other than to obtain things like graphite and diamonds. Although many safety devices are used, the ingestion of toxic gases, landslides, landslides, and natural gas explosions are commonplace. There have been similar explosions in Turkey and China. A mine explosion in France in 1906 killed more than 1,500 workers. Everyone lives and works. But if you ask why people choose jobs like this, there are areas where each person excels. The job you choose will change accordingly. And often these risky jobs are the ones with the highest pay.

4. Underwater welders

Repairs to large submarines and large submarines have to be repaired. Also, when you go to do electric welding, there is a risk of an electrical leak and the oxygen tank may catch fire and explode. Quite a risky job due to deep water. Also, the work that these welders do underwater pressure cannot be done without proper training. See how dangerous a job it is?

5. Wind Power Plant Technicians

This is done by generating electricity by activating the turbine according to the speed at which the wings in the tower rotate in the wind. Maintenance or repair of automated wind farms is not as easy as one might think. To do all this a lot of wind speed and influence. Therefore, it is a job that needs to be done with care. Who do you tell if the wind blows while repairing the wings? Also, it is very difficult to repair the interior and surface of these. Even if you leave the cable and go to safety, you can miss a single thread.

6. Bull Riders

This is a world famous sport. Especially in America, Australia, this bull rider has a big salary. But it is a very difficult task to do. As the name suggests, a collision with a rabid cow can result in damage to the ribs and even loss of life by blowing the horns. Waiting until the end of the game is really hard work. Those who watch this game know that this rider falls to the ground in a few seconds when he enters the field. When a bull behaves so fast, it can be unthinkable at any time.

7. Painters and glass cleaners in large buildings

No matter how advanced the world is, building repairs are still done by people. Even in the largest apartment buildings in the world, cable workers and glass cleaners regularly climb up and do their job at great risk to their lives. Even if the cable is left and there is a slight mistake, it is useless to talk. But they are paid a big salary. But look at how risky this job is.

In addition to the jobs mentioned above, there are other dangerous jobs in this world. We only talked a few. At the same time, Kovid 19 is in a critical condition and the health workers who work day and night are doing a similarly risky job. We cannot forget them at this time. Life is our tribute to them.