Things to know when finishing education and entering career

Schooling, which begins at the age of six, lasts for 13 years , and then for another three or four years, after which there is no time to look for jobs. Nikanda says that life is a race. When I started running at the age of six, I had to run until I died again. So today we are going to talk about some of the important things that everyone needs to know before starting this job, that is, before looking for a job and starting from there and starting a new life. Knowing these things will help you to find a job, and it will be easier for you to continue working.  

1. A good CV

This is the first important thing to do when looking for a job. But this is also a place where many people make mistakes because they do not pay much attention. This CV or Resume is the first thing an employer gets to think about us. So with the fierce competition in the job market today, there is a lot of focus on an attractive CV. No matter how many qualifications there are, if they are not clearly listed, it is more likely to be rejected if it is not a seemingly orderly application. In this article, you will learn about the CV and the essentials of making a CV.  

2. Interview Skills

Let's say the CV was beautifully made and the employer who saw it liked it. But that alone will not get you a job. Definitely an interview, that means you have to face a job interview. This is also a place where a lot of qualified people just drop by. Even if you do not have that much qualifications, the person who knows and goes to work and markets himself is the one who gets out of here. So before going for an interview, be sure to get a good understanding of it. Know in advance how to talk and behave as well as each interview methodology. They should have a good understanding of the institution they are interviewing for. This can be done easily through the company's website. You also need to know how to answer the right questions about the job. 

3. Start small

When I think of a job, most people think of sitting in a swivel chair. This is the biggest mistake that many of these highly educated children make when applying for jobs. Learning is a basic qualification required for a job. But years of experience are just as important in a job as educational credentials. Because practicing is so much different than what you learn in the book. So as soon as you start looking for a job, do not apply for big jobs. Start small. That means a place like an internship. No big salaries. Small allowances are paid. But the experience is very high. 

4. Gather experience

The next step is to gather as much experience as possible while staying in the job. Because every job you apply for from here on out asks what you did and did in the previous job. So let's say you went for an internship and got your first job. In fact, in any department of an institution, an intern does not get enough work at once to lift his head. So learn something new every time you have time off from work. Find out and read the policies of the company, go to the old employees and watch how they work, find out what they need to know. But with a little caution. It doesn't feel bad to come to their job. 

5. Develop a positive attitude

This is the most important thing to develop and maintain from the day you start a job until the end of your entire career. We do not do a job alone. With another group. So it is very difficult to move forward without qualities like team spirit, good leadership qualities and sharing. In those days, there were very few opportunities in the past to grab the boss by the scruff of the neck. So work with as many teammates as possible, be patient, and practice waiting. It is difficult to fight and make noise. 

6. Pursue opportunities

In the past it was said that when you join a job as a trainee, you have to keep the same job until you retire. Now times are different. A maximum of 3-5 years in a single job is best. If it is a permanent job, it is better to think about gratuity for 5 years. However, new opportunities must be constantly sought. Career advancement through new jobs is faster than getting promotions from the same place. 

Also, even in the company where you work, you can find new trainings and participate as much as possible. They also benefit from future promotions. 

7. Personality and professionalism

This is another important factor that the new generation entering the job market today is ignoring. Showing a good personality to your boss, co-workers and clients at work is also a big advantage for moving forward. As this personality and professionalism diminish, so do the chances of other employees as well as customers climbing the ladder. Therefore, this personality and professional must maintain professionalism in their appearance, behavior as well as in the way they work.