Let's think about these before buying a t-shirt

 There is a song that says, "Man cannot be measured by laughter or speech." They are real. But it is common practice to measure people by their appearance. Accordingly, society judges people by the way they dress. In our country, even if you go to a shop wearing shorts and a T-shirt, there is a situation where the sales workers in the shop do not pay attention to them. But wearing a t-shirt is a very popular feature. If we take a tuition class or an office on a Saturday, we see most people wearing light t-shirts.


1. T-shirt material

There are several materials used to make T-shirts. Of these, cotton t-shirts are the most popular. But T-shirts made from whole cotton are a bit thick. Also, they are a little more expensive. Therefore, T-shirts with synthetic materials like polyester and rayon are the most popular in the market. T-shirts are very thin T-shirts for sports occasions. And the crocodile t - shirt we'm used to have is a little too thick.


2. Printed? Isn't it How is the print?

When you wear a dress, you need to have some understanding of the art in it. A Kiss Me T-shirt makes it a little harder for us to just go to work on the street. T-shirts are sometimes written in languages ​​we do not know. There are also semi-nude images printed on the tee. If they are not messed up no game can be worn. But it's good that we know the art and the meaning of the words and wear them.


3. Size and fit

Not all tees fit the same medium body because of the size. The size of the tee varies according to the manufacturer. It would be nice if the t-shirt could really be worn on the body. If you are buying online, you should look at the size guide of the T-shirt. In terms of size, T-shirts made in countries like India and Bangladesh fit us well. In China, both men and women have small shoulders. So when we take that t-shirt in our size, it can sometimes get messy. Also, when buying T-shirts made in Europe and the United States from factory outlets, if you can't afford the cheap t-shirt, it's a good idea to check it out.


4. Branded or Duplicate?

Branded is an expensive thing. In our country these branded goods sometimes come to the market through garment factories. We also have duplicate t-shirts in many forms. We don't know who wears a T-shirt, but generally those who know a little bit about things like T-shirts know what a branded thing is and what it is not. Also, when you buy duplicate t-shirts, they quickly fade and become brand-nameless with no look.


5. Place and occasion of drawing 

T-shirt beds can go to the office on Fridays, weekends and holidays. Otherwise, people like delivery companies and service companies wear T-shirts regularly. If we buy a T-shirt to wear at the office, we need to see if it matches the office dress code. Also, if you take sports or jogging, will your body feel healthy in the relevant way? You need to see if it absorbs sweat. A T-shirt for a night out is usually not suitable for a class at home. So we have to think about it and match the T-shirt to the job we are going to get.


6. Price and Shop One

We can't go to Odel or a big shopping mall in Colombo and buy a good t-shirt for five hundred rupees. But if you go to Maharagama, if you walk a little in Peta, if you go round the market in the countryside, you can shape a tee for that amount. So even if it's a stall like that, there are places that are a little more expensive, there are good places, there are places where there is a small amount of money and tea. Even if you can identify the T-shirts by counting the number of hours in the pocket where the money is in hand, it makes no sense because we can't buy them.


7. One collar and two arms

T-shirt collars come in many forms. Polo T-shirts are the most commonly worn T-shirts for office work. When I say 'T-shirt', to some people this may seem like allot. If you're set for such a trip fun on the beaches of the cold regions, you can also try on a beautiful sleeveless t - shirt style. So when buying a t-shirt, you need to think about this collar, sleeves and their fit.


Dressing appropriately is something that takes place in society. Many people think that a man who can't even choose a dress can do other things. So even when buying a t-shirt, do a little research on the internet and buy a t-shirt with an idea about the fashion trend and then you will get some gum from your t-shirt. So don't forget to share this post about t-shirts for your friends to see.