Remember the fun of the early days of using computers?

Now that the word computer has become an obsolete word, this computer is one of the biggest dreams and magic we're ex-boys and girls of almost two decades ago had. This is about the last generation who used to play in the garden, the paddy field and the first generation who used to use computers and remember our ancient computers.

1. The one who has a computer is a fighter!

Unlike now, buying a computer is a big game. Most of the time, only two people in a friend's set had a computer. So the one with the computer got a special place on the set. It is in the wrestling room that the boys choose to set. Because this computer is an amazing machine that can take all the fun out of playing games and watching movies. 

In the early days, a computer like the Pentium 2 MHz 800 was a valuable asset. It started with about 2 gigabytes of hard disk. Later, when the Pentium 4 arrived, they took the computer and walked about a few feet above it.


2. Games

Of course, the games of that time could not be changed graphically with the passage of time. But there was no shortage of fun we got from those simple games. Aladdin and the Lion King were two of the games we all had on our computers, starting with DOS games like Prins, Dangerous Dave and Pacman. Another 'Hercules' game was very popular at that time. 'Mortal Combat' or MK4 is a keyboard destroying game. Graphics and gaming quality started to increase a bit after Pentium 4. That's how games like EA Cricket, IGI, Hitman, GTA Vice City came to be.


3. Hard Salvation

Back then, floppy disks and CD-ROMs were the only two ways to insert data from outside a computer. But because we are a very different nation in Sri Lanka, we went straight to the hard disk to transfer data. The only art is to go to the house of a friend who has another computer, butcher that friend's machine, change the master slave jumper on our hard drive and detect the hard drive. At that time, with the exception of those naughty scenes, there was not enough space on the hard drive to exchange movies in a big way. So the most popular among us were funny ad videos, mini clips, mini clip games and beautiful picture scenes.


4. Songs and Players

In those days, YouTube was not as popular as it is now, but any computer had a good collection of songs. We sorted the folders according to our favorite preferences like Sinhala, Hindi, English, Rock Music and kept the songs in great order. The immortal player who played these is 'Winamp'. It had a lot of fun changing the sound settings as we wanted, changing the beautiful skins and making the look beautiful " Winamp, it really whips the llama's ass!" This is how this player starts working.

In addition to these, we also used players like Jet Audio and Power DVD to watch movies and listen to music.


5. vine

There is no need to introduce what this is. We had such a passionate friend in each of our friends' sets. The task of the wrestler is to pick up CDs with curtains like this day and night. In addition, some people sit at the computer and ask where the vine folder is. Most of the time this valuable folder was hidden inside the Windows operating system folder. Adult picture albums were also extremely popular at the time. We wondered if today's kids know how to hide a folder, but at that time we learned to hide folders because of this chain.


6. On the Internet

At that time we came to the internet through a dial up connection to the home telephone line. The internet connected us through this by giving us a username, password and a 'kara kara karang' gala ear kissing sound. At that time the dial up speed was so high that even a hundred kilobytes of pictures took minutes to fully load. Downloading an mp3 song is quite a game.


7. Internet work

Sending emails to friends who had emails, or to friends who were found online, was a lot of fun back then. But if you send an email today, you will get the answers only next week. But I was also very happy to receive such an email. Yahoo!, the most popular search engine at the time. Most people created emails from. Hotmail was also popular at that time. Then we set up Yahoo chats as well. It's also a different kind of fun. Join a chat room we like and send private messages to each other. First ask ASL? Says. It meant Age, Sex & Location. The chat starts with a brief answer and an idea of ​​the person on the other side. In addition to Yahoo, MSN Chat, Kaputa and Ananmanan Chat in Sri Lanka also became popular later.


You may remember the ancient computers we mentioned. If so, please share with us