Disappeared Civilizations - Inca Civilization

 Before the arrival of Europeans, including Christopher Columbus, on the American continent, the Inca civilization was one of the most important civilizations in the southern hemisphere. This civilization, which began as a small tribe, soon spread to many lands, including present-day Argentina and Colombia. In this article we will talk about the legacy of the Inca civilization. 

1. The present legacy of Inca civilization


With the arrival of the Europeans, the religion of the Incas was replaced by Catholicism. However, the influence of Inca civilization can be seen even in modern-day South American Catholics. As the concept of the nuclear family became popular in Europe, the extended family in South America gained social significance as a result. Today, many Catholic shrines are located on the peaks of the Incas.


2. The beliefs of the Incas 

There were three golden rules in the beliefs of the Incas. The three rules are to avoid stealing, to lie, and to avoid being lazy. The Incas believed that if a person followed these three rules in this world, he would go to the land of the sun, which has eternal warmth after death, and those who violate these rules would go to an abyss of eternal darkness and cold weather. 


3. Livelihood in the Incas

Agriculture was almost entirely based on the Inca civilization. The lowest strata of agriculture consisted of farms maintained by a number of families and the aristocracy that dominated those farms. The king held the highest position in the Inca society, which was thus divided into several layers. In the same way, those who were engaged in other professions were also organized and the job was inherited from the father to the son.


4. Woman of the Incas 

Although it was a patriarchal society, women were always treated with respect. They had the opportunity not only to go to higher positions in the government but also to become priests. Women of the general strata were also considered to be the husband's family members after marriage, often assigned to work on the family farms. Kitchen work is also a part of her life.


5. Food and drink

It is believed that the Incas were the first to cultivate potatoes, which we in Sri Lanka today cannot live without. A successful harvest was considered by the Incas to be a gift from God, and their daily diet was almost entirely vegetarian. Meats were used only for various ceremonial occasions. There was no market system for food and people exchanged prepared food with each other.


6. Highway system 

The road system they developed made a significant contribution to the maintenance of the Inca Empire. There were two messengers at specific locations, one on duty, the other asleep, and the other ready to carry a message. For this reason the orders of the king reached even the most remote part of the kingdom in a very short time. 


7. The writing art of the Incas

Surprisingly, the Incas did not have the art of writing, no matter how advanced their civilization was. But they used a method called quipu to gather information What happened was that various information was communicated to the external environment by tying threads. But to date it has not been possible to understand what information is being communicated through this.


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