The Most Effective Way to Overcome a Damaged HP Home Button

Broken Mobile Home Button - Android phones have become one of the most popular gadget devices today.
Inside it is equipped with various advanced features that can facilitate the daily activities of its users. Coupled with support for qualified specifications, making Android phones able to run various commands quickly and responsively.

However, it is not uncommon for Android phones to experience various problems that certainly interfere with user comfort. For example, a problem with the Android HP Home button that is damaged or does not work. Even though it's rarely used, in fact, the Home button on an Android phone is needed for several things. So, how do you deal with the damaged HP Home button? You can see the complete information below.

The Most Effective Way to Overcome a Damaged HP Home Button

The Home button on a damaged android cellphone can be caused by various factors. It might be because of the problematic internal components, exposed to water, due to rooting of the cellphone, or something else. The steps for overcoming a completely damaged HP Home button are as follows:

1. Removing Suspicious Applications

Does the Home button error occur when you finish installing certain applications? If this is the case, then the app's corrupted Home button is most likely caused.

Indeed, there are several types of applications that can affect the Android system, including the function of the Home button.

We recommend that you remove or uninstall any new applications that are causing the error Home button. In addition, you can also delete applications that are considered suspicious. For example, applications that are installed automatically, even though you don't feel like you have installed them at all.

2. Unroot Android Mobile

As explained above, a damaged Home button can also be caused by rooting activity.

Maybe it's because of the wrong way to root your cellphone so that it makes the HP component an error, one of which has an effect on the Home button. What's more, rooting your cellphone will make your android security system vulnerable to malware or viruses. You should unroot the Android phone with the error. To unroot your Android phone yourself, you can use a special application that can be found on the Play Store.

3. Doing a Factory Reset

If the two methods above still can't solve the error problem on the Home button, this one method can be used as an alternative. You can do a factory reset to solve the broken Home button problem.
Doing a factory reset means you will restore the HP to its original factory settings. Thus, the Android cellphone will return to the way you bought it for the first time. You need to remember, doing a factory reset will erase all data stored on the internal memory of your Android phone. So, you should first backup your data if there is important data stored in it.

4. Using the Assistive Touch Application

The final way to deal with a broken Android Home button is by utilizing third-party applications. The application referred to here is the assistive touch application. Such applications will display virtual buttons on the screen that can be used for navigation.
There you will find the Home button which has the same function as the physical Home button. In addition, there are also other types of buttons, such as volume buttons, lock screen, notification, brightness, and so on.

Those were some of the ways to deal with a damaged Android HP Home button that you can apply. Hopefully, the information above is helpful.