Information about the cultivation of blue bean which is gradually gaining popularity in South Asia

By now it has become one of the top commercial and popular crops in South Asia. The medicinal properties of this cannot be overstated. The panchanga of the nil katarolu plant itself, that is, the roots, bark, leaves, flowers and seeds are all of very valuable value. Fabaceae is a highly valued plant in India. Because of its medicinal value and sacredness. Today we are talking about this valuable cultivation. 


1. What is this nil katarolu flower? 

Named after the scientific name Clitoria Ternatea, this flower is usually found growing like a bush on a vine. Many people cultivate this flower to offer to the Buddha. There are several varieties of beetroot such as blue beetle, white beetle and purple beetle. But the highest commercial value is the nil katarolu flower. 


2. What is the commercial value? How is the market?

Not only in South Asia but also countries like Thailand and the Philippines are now focusing on this cultivation. Dried nil katarolu flower packets are now popular enough to be sold in online markets such as Ali Express and eBay. At present it can be described as an export crop that can be exported from South Asia. nil katarolu tea is very popular in foreign countries and now there is a good market for powdered flower tea packets and dried flowers. 1 kg of dried flowers costs Rs. Can be sold for 3500-5000. A kilo of fresh flowers can be given for around Rs. 250-300. 


3. Properties of blueberries

Nilkatarolu is a divine medicine used in many ailments in Ayurveda. It is very beneficial for skin diseases, asthma, fatigue, detoxification, stomach ailments, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, headaches as well as eczema. It is also very useful for brightening the skin and cooling the body. 


4. Briefly about the preparation of the crop

Care should be taken in preparing the ground for nil katarolu cultivation. Mix sandy soil and compost in the ratio of 1: 1 and apply to the field. This is a clustered plant. Therefore, it is necessary to plant with a gap. Usually place it on the ground with a circumference of about 6 feet. When standing like that, a perch can hold about 9 plants. When watered daily, the plants grow like shrubs and flower buds. On average, 50 flowers should be grown from one bush per day. It takes about 5 days for the seed to germinate. Water every day and keep the soil moist. 

When the plant grows big, it needs good sunlight to flower. Also, the bush needs to be made to look like a fly with ropes or ropes. When the plants grow to normal height, apply dry manure. Make a natural liquid spray to repel ants and other small animals. Blend raw ginger, garlic peels, betel leaves, red onion leaves and a spoonful of cooked rice, cover well and let it stagnate for 3 days in the morning, and when sprayed on these plants in the morning, prevent the leaves from falling off and the animals from coming. could. 


5. How are seeds obtained?

The seeds are usually dried in the bush and then dried in the sun. Soak the seeds at room temperature overnight before planting and inoculate with the aforementioned spacing. You can also take a separate nursery and plant the seedlings. Can also be planted directly in the field.


6. Drying of nil katarolu flowers

There are several ways to dry blueberries. Usually at home, if you want to start small, you can pick the flowers before 11 in the morning, remove the old flowers, wash them and let them dry for about an hour in the hot sun. After that we do not put it in the hot sun, it should dry in the air. After drying in the air for 4-5 days, it should be left to dry until it starts to crackle. When drying like this, all the water in the flower should be dried to get rid of it. If there are any leftovers in the water, they try to bloom. Wrap the flowers in a tissue and place a weight on top to see if the water is hot. Or dried up. Dry the flowers on rainy days, do not break. Because there is a possibility of mold inside the flowers. Always put a net on top and let it dry one by one. Before storing dried flowers in a bottle like this, keep the bottle in the sun for a while. 

If done on a large scale there are special machines made to dry these flowers. This can be put in trays and dried once. But many people follow the above method. 


7. Things that can be made from blueberries

Countries like the Philippines and Thailand drink this nil katarolu tea with honey or lime juice after dinner. We can put these flowers in hot water and make a drink. It can also be used as a natural food coloring in blue bean rice, cakes, jellies, condiments, pancakes. Below is an article we wrote earlier about foods that can be made from blueberries.