How to Hide Facebook Friends List on Android Phones by Admin

Hide Facebook Friends List - so far , Facebook remains one among the foremost popular social media platforms within the world. Very many users, including in Indonesia. On Facebook we make it possible to attach with friends, relatives and even strangers. Through Facebook, many users have also found partners, some have even reached the extent of marriage. How interesting isn't it? 

Not only that, through Facebook users even have great potential to form money. for instance , by selling products and services, otherwise you also can become a creator on Facebook Studio. However, the foremost important thing on Facebook is friends. The list of Facebook friends is usually visible to other users. Sometimes the buddies list on Facebook is privacy for a few users, so a number of them want to cover it. So, how does one hide the Facebook friends list? you'll see complete information below. 

How to Hide Facebook Friends List on Android Smartphone

To hide your friends list on Facebook is really very easy. However, not all users skills to cover the Facebook friends list. There are a minimum of two ways you'll do that , namely through the browser and thru the Facebook Lite application. Here are the entire steps, namely:

1. Hide the buddies List on Facebook through the Browser

Most Facebook users access the social media platform through their Android phone. this is often because accessing Facebook from a cellphone is taken into account easier and may be done anytime and anywhere. Regarding the entire steps to cover the Facebook friends list via cellphone, as follows:

The first step you open Facebook through a browser, are often Google Chrome or others. 

Make sure you're logged into your personal Facebook account. On the Facebook home page, then you click the icon with three horizontal lines within the upper right corner. 

Scroll down and choose the Privacy Shortcut option. Scroll down again, then click on the choice See More Privacy Settings.

Now you're trying to find the question "Who Can See Your Friends List?". Click thereon option, then on privacy you decide on the choice Only Me. 

Done, you've got successfully hidden your Facebook friends list from other users. 

2. Hide your friends list on Facebook through Facebook Lite

This second method is specifically finished those of you who use the Facebook Lite application. This one application is that the choice of the many users because it's lighter than the standard Facebook application. additionally , the features are not any less complete in order that they will spoil the users. 

The steps for hiding your Facebook friends list via Facebook Lite are as follows:

Your initiative is to open the Facebook Lite application, then log in to your personal Facebook account. 

On the Facebook Home page, then you click the three-line icon within the upper right corner of the display. 

Scroll down, then select the Settings & Privacy option. 

Next you click on the Privacy Shortcuts option. 

On the privacy page, then you decide on the choice See More Privacy Settings.

Then you search for an option that says "Who Can See My Friends List?". you decide on that option, then click on the choice See More. Now you'll activate the sole Me option, in order that your friends list can only be seen by yourself. 


Those were the two tricks to cover the list of Facebook friends on the fastest and easiest Android phone. Hopefully the knowledge above is useful .