Here are some DIY tips to take advantage of disposable cardboard

DIY or Do It Yourself is a very valuable concept in this day and age when there is a lot of talk about things like environmental protection and waste management. 
Cardboard boxes left over from electrical items and shoes can be a nuisance to housewives when they are just piled up. So instead of tearing up these cardboard boxes and throwing them in the trash, it's worth making something that you can use at home. We brought up a few small ideas like that today. 

1. A cupboard made of cardboard

Required Materials  

  1. A cardboard box
  2. A few wrapping papers 
  3. Village
  4. Scissors


  • Take the cardboard box and cut the two small size lids on either side of the 4 lids. Now paste the wrapping papers all over this cardboard box. 
  • The two cut lids are the width of this box. Cover both with rapin. 
  • Now glue these two lids around the thin edge on three sides and glue them inside the cardboard box like two layers and close the box with the lids. 
  • Glue two small beads to the two lids. The cupboard is done. 


2. Toilet paper holder

Required Materials  

  1. A small cardboard box
  2. A roll of rope
  3. Disposable cloth 
  4. Village
  5. Scissors


  • Take a cardboard box large enough to hold two or three rolls of toilet paper and wrap it around the cord. 
  • Cover this with a cloth inside. (As shown in the picture) You can not just put toilet paper in the bathroom but you can put it neatly on the water closet. 


3. A cardboard rack

Required Materials  

  1. Cardboard boxes2
  2. Wrapping Papers 
  3. Village
  4. Scissors


  • Remove the lids from one cardboard box. Cover this with inner and outer wrapping.
  • Now from the other cardboard box, cut four of each size box length and two short layers that can be placed inside the box we made. 
  • Glue the two long pieces together. Glue the two short pieces together. Now paste these two pieces inside the box as shown in the picture. You can use this to keep your creams. 


4. A pencil holder

Required Materials  

  1. A fairly tall cardboard box
  2. Village
  3. Scissors
  4. Colored leaves to cover
  5. Double sided tape
  6. A little straw
  7. A little bit of beads


  • Glue the cardboard box tightly to the roof with cellophane tape. Now cut this horizontally so that one side is high and the other half is between. 
  • Now stick a double piece of tape on one side of the mouth of the two. 
  • Stick double sided tape around. Cut the straw to the height of this box. Now stick the straws around the box in a row. Stick the beads on top of the straw. 
  • You can make a beautiful pencil holder like the one in the picture. 


5. Bed side lamp cover

Required Materials  

  1. A box of fresh milk
  2. Gray or black leaves to cover
  3. Village


  • Cut off the lid part of the box. Cover the lamp with leaves to make it more beautiful. 
  • Now draw a star or something else around the four walls as you like and cut it out with a paper cutter. 
  • Now try putting a light on this. 


6. A gas cooker for baby

 Required Materials 

  1. A large square box
  2. Leaves to cover
  3. CDs4
  4. 4 large black buttons
  5. A few pieces of white rigid foam 
  6. A handle cut from rigid foam 
  • Cut both sides up and around the inside of the box. Be sure not to separate the bottom side from the box. 
  • It should be able to open the bottom, just like opening the lid of an oven. Now cover this with a nice piece of paper. 
  • Next, attach the 4 black buttons to the switches and the white rigid foam pieces on top of it. Insert the CDs into the burners of the cooker. Cut and paste the handle of the oven from rigid foam. Now our cooker is done. 


7. A cupcake holder

Required Materials 


  1. A few cardboard boxes 
  2. Disposable cardboard bamboo or two cans (can also take the discarded middle part of the toilet roll)
  3. Leaves to cover
  4. Village
  5. Ribbon
  6. Scissors


  • Cut circles out of cardboard boxes of 3 sizes. Now cover everything with leaves and stick a cardboard bamboo or covered tin to stand tall in the middle of the circle before the big circle. 
  • Stick all three sizes like this in order from the villages. You can stick a ribbon around the circle and put a border neatly.