Easy Ways to Make Android Phones Speeding

 As expensive as any device you buy, the longer it is used the speed will decrease. But we can outsmart it to make the performance still runny.

There are several things you can do. Here are a number of tips and tricks that are quoted from Android Central to make Android phones still run even though they have been used for a long time.

Use the Go Files

This application made by Google will make it easier for us to set and clean the file storage slot on the cellphone. The simple design makes it easy for us to use it.

Files Go have two parts, Storage and Files. Press Storage to see how much storage space on the mobile is still available.
In this section we are also given tips to make room for storage space. In addition we can easily clean cached data on the application.
Remove applications that are rarely used

A number of devices that don't run Android pollos are often embedded with a number of applications made by cellphone vendors. Though these applications are rarely or even not used by users.

Unfortunately this application cannot all be deleted. Even so the user can disable it. How to press Settings> Apps. Tap on an unknown application, then select Uninstall or Disable.

Do the same for applications that you install but are rarely used. In addition to the above method, we can use Files Go to uninstall applications that are rarely used.

Use a Light Application

If the cellphone you use is limited to RAM and internal memory, it is recommended to use the light version application. Currently a number of developers release lite versions of their applications, for example YouTube Go, Twitter Lite, Skype Lite, Facebook Lite and others.

If there is an operating system update it is recommended that you install it immediately. Because these updates often bring a number of improvements to performance. To check, open Settings> About Phone> System Update.

Home Screen

Using Live Wallpaper is interesting, but can make the phone slow down. It is recommended to use ordinary wallpaper.


A number of vendor default launchers often slow down cellphone performance. Try changing with a lightweight launcher, for example Google Now Launcher.


Applications that run in the background tend to drain the battery. So it is advisable to routinely monitor telephone battery usage. The way is open Settings> Battery. If you see an application that is not normal, press Force Stop.

Disable Bluetooth

Disabling Bluetooth that is not used will save battery.

Battery Optimization

Most battery optimization applications tend to be less useful. In fact, you are showered with lots of advertisements. So we should just delete it.